Our passion at Gateway is to launch people out
to a life of adventure with Jesus
in their homes, communities & in the world.

Like an airport, Gateway has terminals & destinations

The terminals are where we prepare for the adventure of following Jesus
Together, in community with others, as we are inspired
by God's Word, we enjoy the presence of Jesus among us
and learn how to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The three main terminals at Gateway that help you get to your destination are:

Large Church
Small Church
Ministry Involvement

The destinations at Gateway are how we live the adventure of following Jesus:

Terminals connecting to destinations



Large Church

From the beginning of the Christian faith, people came together to celebrate the connection they enjoyed with God and one another. This encounter with God's love is an important part of launching out to live the adventure of following Jesus.

At Gateway, we gather together on Sunday mornings at two main times:

8:45 & 10:45 a.m.

75 minutes of worship that includes creative music, message and prayer.

Children ages 0-SK are signed in and enter into their Flipside programs right away.

After Children and youth from grades 1-8 sign in they join their families in the auditorium for approximately 10 minutes of family worship.

Small Church

In the Bible (Acts chapters 2 and 5), the followers of Jesus in the city of Jerusalem not only gathered together in the temple courts (large church gatherings) but also from house to house.

At Gateway, our "Small Church" gatherings meet regularly in homes and occasionally in public spaces (i.e. coffee shops or the church building). Deeper relationships with others can be enjoyed and practical needs can be more effectively met in a smaller context.

In addition to adult-only and intergenerational Small Churches, Gateway has aspects of small group dynamics in both Kids Church and Youth Church. These interactive and personal connections prepare our students for the adventure that God is leading them into every day.

Ministry Involvement

Historically, the Christian movement was fuelled by people who freely gave of their time, talents and resources to serve the mission that Jesus gave them.

At Gateway, we are grateful for those who serve in a variety of ways - those who teach kids on Sundays, greet visitors at the door, serve on a team that manages funds to assist those with needs, help to maintain our building, run programs for youth, etc...

Since every follower of Jesus has been given a special ability to serve in the church (see 1 Corinthians 12), we are delighted to help one another to discover their calling and unique contribution in ministry.


Home Community World


The three "terminals" of LC, SC and MI are designed to, first of all, inspire us to live the adventure of following Jesus with the people in our home.

We make our relationship with God a priority by engaging in practices / habits that help us to be aware that God is always with us and that create opportunities to speak to and hear from him. When we speak to Jesus and his Spirit leads and guides us, our days are filled with unpredictable and exciting opportunities to serve God and help others.

We also take responsibility for others in our family as we model and engage one another in faith-at-home learning and serving opportunities.


These "terminals" also launch us out to engage and impact our local community.

Community Engagement: One of the ways we do this is by making our community a better place to live. Gateway encourages people to see community service (such as volunteering at their local food bank, coaching their child's soccer team, or fundraising for community projects) as opportunities to experience the adventure of sharing God's love with those in their town, city or region.

Compassionate Care: Another way God leads us in the adventure of impacting our community is by inspiring us to provide compassionate care to those with practical needs. This might take the form of visiting someone who is sick, helping a single mom meet her rent, or shovelling snow for an elderly neighbour.

Church Planting: Finally, one of the adventures that God often leads people to consider is whether to start a new church in their community. For example, people with connections at Gateway in Caledonia are experiencing the thrill of starting a new church in their local community of Brantford, Binbrook, Ancaster or Cayuga.


Gateway belongs to a global family of churches called the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Our "terminals" of LC, SC and MI are designed to open our eyes to the spiritual and material needs of the world around us and to instil a passion for giving to missions and for participating in exciting short-term trips that support the work of our international partners in Asia, South America and Europe.