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Kids Church at Gateway 

our purpose...

Spiritual Transformation for this Generation

our goal...

Our prayer for spiritual transformation is that this generation would be a generation that:

Sunday Mornings

Our Sunday Morning Kids Church is called Flipside! 

Our Goal for Flipside is to create environments where children are equipped to know, love, and serve God!

 If you are interested in visiting us, please bring this completed Registration Form with you.

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Children ages 2.5 and up are involved in age appropriate large group worship where they learn about The Big God Story, worship their creator through song and are given time to respond to this same creator. 

The Big God Story shares the Bible’s content in the context of its original story line, with the thread of salvation at its core. The beautiful part of the story is that God is the author and He is still writing The Big God Story. This helps them to see the bigger story that has been lived out for thousands of years, they have the privilege of catching a glimpse of the wonder of it all; the wonderful mystery of who God is and how he has chosen a part for each of us to play.

After you’ve learned something amazing about God what do you feel like doing?  Large group RESPOND is all about letting the children explore that very question. Whether it’s through silence, or writing on the prayer wall, or singing and dancing with instruments, or speaking scripture out loud, this is their time to respond to God in a personalized but communal way, and this is when the Holy Spirit really gets to transform His kids. The way kids reach out and respond to God allows them to truly meet with Him. It's about the encounter - not just the information.

The opportunity to respond continues as children break up into groups for small group RESPOND. Here children can share openly about their personal thoughts and experiences in a relational setting. They can discuss as well as create a meaningful piece of art as their response to God. The art will sometimes be something they can take home, but sometimes they work on something as a group that can go in their classroom as a reminder of what God has done. 

Our small group leaders shepherd the kids through questions about portions of The Big God Story and Biblical truths, engage them in community building activities, help them create a remembrance of their experience, and bless them before they leave. Our leaders work in teams, so your child has only two teacher each year, giving them the opportunity develop lasting relationships.


Check us out here...

 Check out how one of our families practices their memory verse!

Spiritual Parenting

At Gateway we believe that Family is Primary. God's design for faith replication is through the context of family while the church plays a supportive role. 

At Gateway we support parents through a variety of celebrations. 

Spiritual Parenting Course

Offered twice a year, this six week course guides parents in understanding the role of the Holy Spirit as teacher in their children’s lives, and helps them create environments in their home where they can come along side what the Holy Spirit is doing in their children’s lives.

Homefront Weekly

This parents resource card is designed to help parents intentionally spend time in God’s Word with their children before coming to church each week. This way parents will be the first to introduce their kids to the Bible content they will hear at the church.  

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Homefront Monthly 

This magazine is a spiritual Parenting resource, a magazine-like  publication packed with great ideas about how to create spiritually forming times in the home. Each issue features articles and activities focusing on everything from marriage and family to food time and blessing. This resource equips parents with practical ideas about how to create space for the Holy Spirit to spiritually form their kids.

Family Dedications

We love to celebrate with families as they chose to dedicate their lives to raising their children to love God.  

Family Dedication Info Page.pdf

Family Dedication Form 2015.pdf


More to come


If your child is interested in Baptism, please email Kendra at kcomeau@gatewaycaledonia.com

Ministry Involvement

In Kids Church we have an application, screening and training process to complete for all of leaders from grade 5 and up! If you are interested in volunteering in Flipside please plan to attend one of our two info nights, or start by filling in the following application form.

PTP youth application.pdf

PTP Adult application Form .pdf

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