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Our youth ministries at Gateway strive to create space for adolescents between the ages of  10 and 19 to encounter God and to be transformed while experiencing what it means to follow Jesus in and outside the church. 

How we program and develop our ministries reflects youth culture as well as the individual interests and needs of those who attend. 

"God cares about every aspect of your life & so do we!” 

Understanding that our programs are not for everyone, it is our prayer for all youth—whether directly involved in our ministries or not—to have meaningful connections with God and others; growing in a way that allows them to reflect the love of Jesus to others. 

 We also recognize that parents are the number one influence in their kids lives, however, they are not the only adult influence that a child needs. Our desire is to support parents and provide opportunities for youth to connect and build meaningful relationships with adult leaders who love God and youth.