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Gateway Youth creates spaces for adolescents between the ages of 10 and 19 to experience God in meaningful ways and to launch them out to a life of adventure with Jesus in their homes, communities and in the world.
This adventure includes . . . 


1. Making Memories: These ‘remember when . . .’ moments help to provide points of reference in the lives of youth and to celebrate all that God is doing in, around and through them. 
2. Shaping Identity: We support youth as they discover, develop, and grow in their understanding of who God created them to be, and experience who He is recreating them to be through Jesus by the power of His Holy Spirit. 


3. Building Community: We provide opportunities for youth to be a part of something bigger then themselves, experience what it means to truly belong and to join in the community building process that will hopefully extend past the walls of the church.


4. Changing Culture: As youth live the adventure with Jesus, they will not only be personally transformed, but will start to make significant changes in their homes, schools and the world around them.